LifeStyle Basics Hair Tees

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Introducing Hair Tees - For Perfectly Tamed Edges

Dual Tip Applicators

Step up your hair styling game with Hair Tees, the essential tool for anyone serious about perfectly styled hair. Each swab features dual-tip precision to tackle various hair styling tasks effectively. One end is pointed for meticulous applications, ideal for defining and taming edges with precision, while the other end is rounded for smoothing and applying products evenly across broader areas.

Versatile Styling

  • Edge-Taming: Use the pointed tip to smooth out edges and perfect your hairline with exactness.
  • Slicking: The rounded tip is perfect for sleek styles, helping to evenly distribute gels, waxes, and pomades.
  • Control: Master the art of detailed styling—control flyaways and apply hair products with precision.

Professional Grade

Each box comes with 120 durable cotton tips, designed to handle any styling need. Whether you're a professional stylist or refining your look at home, Hair Tees offer the control and precision needed to achieve flawless results.

Why Hair Tees?

  • Hygienic: Each applicator promotes cleanliness and efficiency in your styling routine.
  • Efficient: Achieve salon-quality styling results with professional precision.
  • Convenient: Perfect for quick fixes and regular maintenance, Hair Tees are essential for your daily styling toolkit.

Get ready to tame, slick, and control with Hair Tees—where style meets precision. These are not just swabs; they are your partner in crafting impeccable, polished looks.

120 cotton tips