LifeStyle Basics Wig Tees

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Dual-Tip Precision Applicators

Elevate your wig wearing experience with Wig Tees, designed for precision and ease in wig maintenance. Each cotton tip is crafted with dual ends to enhance your application process. The pointed tip allows for precise application of wig adhesives, ensuring your wig stays securely in place with clean edges, while the rounded tip is perfect for smoothing out excess adhesive and blending seamlessly for a natural look.

Optimal for Wigs

  • Adhesive Application: Use the pointed end to apply wig glue delicately along the hairline, ensuring detailed accuracy without mess.
  • Touch-Ups: Quickly clean up any spills or overapplications with the sharp tip, keeping your wig and skin pristine.
  • Blending: The soft, rounded end is ideal for dabbing and blending the adhesive edges, creating a flawless transition that looks utterly natural.

Superior Quality

Packaged with 100 high-quality cotton tips, Wig Tees are a staple for anyone who wears wigs regularly. They provide the precision needed for effective adhesive application and make maintenance a breeze, ensuring that your wig looks as natural and beautiful as possible.

Why Wig Tees?

  • Hygienic: Single-use tips make each application clean and effective.
  • Precise: Dual tips cater to both detailed application and perfect blending.

    Convenient: Compact and disposable, ideal for on-the-go adjustments and regular upkeep.

    Step up your wig game with Wig Tees—the key to beautiful, well-maintained hairpieces. Say goodbye to messy applications and visible adhesive lines, and hello to a flawless, secure fit every time.

    100 cotton tips