Wrileep InnovaGoods 3D anti-wrinkle cloud pillow 

$49.99 CAD

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The Wrileep InnovaGoods 3D anti-wrinkle cloud pillow provides total comfort and
relaxation all night long. An extremely comfortable and soft 
ergonomic pillow which enables you to enjoy optimum support for your head and neck, adapting to any position of the body while sleeping. The ideal solution for maintaining a straight posture, favoring maximum rest and better-quality sleep. Its special foam microbead filling makes this anti-wrinkle pillow adapt perfectly to the shape of the face, preventing folds and wrinkles that can leave marks on the skin while sleeping. It also relieves tension and prevents neck pain.

This nanoparticle pillow redistributes weight evenly to provide a more comfortable and repairing sleep, reducing tingling sensations and muscle stiffness when you wake up. As it is also
breathable, it minimizes perspiration and aids a cooler and more pleasant sleep.

portable pillow which is also ideal for travelling. Its size and light weight means it fits into a suitcase, so you can take it away with you or use it in any vehicle to rest comfortably during
the journey (plane, train, bus, etc.). 
It is machine washable.